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Dr. Prathap C Reddy,
Apollo Hospitals Group.

"His dream is to make India the Healthcare Destination of the World."

Two decades ago, Dr. Reddy lost a patient who couldn't make it to Texas for an open heart surgery. This was the milestone in the Indian Healthcare Industry. Today people have the opportunity in India to receive the best that healthcare has to offer worldwide.

Driven by a deep urge to create world-class medical infrastructure in India and make it more accessible and affordable to a large cross section of our people, Dr. Prathap Reddy opted to give up his successful practice in the US to return to India in the early eighties.

Thus,Dr. Reddy began what was truly the process of revolutionizing the path of the Indian Healthcare Industry. Undeterred by initial constraints Dr. Reddy succeeded in setting up the first center of the Apollo Hospitals Group in Chennai in 1983.

This was soon followed by India's first hospital consultancy body - the Indian Hospitals Corporation - and the commissioning of two more Tertiary Care Centers in India. Not only did he set a precedent for corporate healthcare in the country, but the Government of India soon recognized his enterprising efforts leading to Financial institutions amending their funding legislation to include hospitals Board basing the scope of medical insurance.

On an upswing since then, today the Apollo Hospitals Group has over 22 centers in major metropolises in India with a combined turnover of over US $ 100 million. Apollo over the last decade, has demonstrated that Indian skills are equivalent to the best centers in the world and has produced world-class results in the most complicated Cadaver Transplant.

Having steered the Apollo Hospitals Group to a number of locations within India, Dr.Reddy embarked on an Asian expansion plan with the first clinic in Dubai established in March 1999. Now, projects in Sri Lanka, Africa, Bangladesh and Oman are on the anvil.

His newest initiative is to integrate into healthcare, the digital nervous system that will eventually create a virtual Apollo Center anywhere any time. Apollo's major Web initiative, Med Varsity -a virtual medical university providing total access to experts in the field of medicine anywhere in the world and "MEDNET" - Hospital Systems Management package are slated to transform the way medicine is practiced in the country.

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