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Diet & Nutrition
Affordable Nutrition
Jun 2014
Suman Agarwal
Founder, SelfCare Nutritionist & Fitness Consultant, Mumbai

Inflation and price rise are consistent and parallel with rise in obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Hence, ‘affordable nutrition’ is the current necessity. It is always believed that higher the price of the product, better the quality. This may not be true in the field of nutrition. Right choice and quantity of food can make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

Affordable nutrition means adding nutritionally packed cheaper foods in your daily diet for meeting daily nutrition requirements. We know for a fact that every household has a set monthly budget for food. Let us explore and compare some budget friendly items.
All the above mentioned foods are rich in proteins, B vitamins, calcium, iron are energy dense. Including these foods in your daily meals can make a nutritious yet affordable diet.

Budget food does not mean that you compromise on taste. Add a zing of different spices available in the market and you can turn these beautiful affordable ingredients into delicious exotic recipes. The food that is affordable now may not be affordable tomorrow. Remember what happened with onions – once considered a reasonably priced vegetable, its prices skyrocketed all of a sudden!