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Diet & Nutrition
10 Cool Cucumber Benefits
Dec 2013
Dr Panchali Moitra
Nutrition Expert, Weight Management Consultant, Kolkata

Feeling tired? Fancy a fl awless complexion? Looking for ways to fight off bingeing tendencies? It’s time to add the ‘cool’ cucumber to your summer diet. This widely cultivated vegetable abounds with unique nutrients and endless health benefi ts that range much beyond its popular ‘beat the heat’ attributes. Here are top 10 benefi ts of cucumbers that will surely amaze

Energy provider - We already know that cucumbers contain as much as 95 per cent water. Along with this, it has B complex vitamins, folic acid and potassium, which is the perfect formula to replenish the lost electrolytes after a strenuous workout or revive the dipping energy levels after a busy day at work. 

Aids in weight loss - Whenever the afternoon bingeing or mid-evening cravings strike, go for cucumbers as a low calorie and fi bre packed snack. The long lasting carbohydrate energy will keep you satiated for hours and curb cravings for ‘not so healthy’ snacking choices. Want something more fi lling? Try sprouted bean and cucumber salad or add cucumber slices to yoghurt.