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Diet & Nutrition
10 Energy Boosting Foods For Women
Apr 2018
Dr Panchali Moitra
Nutrition Expert, Weight Management Consultant, Kolkata

It doesn’t come as a surprise that a woman’s healthy eating habits can slide down the priority list due to the constant juggling of household chores, rushing to work, making mandatory trips to the grocery store and PTA meetings at school, amongst other things.

Therefore, grabbing ready to eat food sounds tempting and ordering takeaways becomes an impulsive compulsion. However, this results in weight gain, lowered immunity, mood swings and constant fatigue. But opting for smart food choices can boost your energy levels and bring a spring back in your step! So here are the top 10 energy boosting foods that fights fatigue without the added calories.

These are powerhouse of nutrients that provide an energy boost anytime you are feeling tired. Munch on almonds and walnuts, add them to your smoothies or sprinkle on salads to get moving on a busy day.

Millets such as bajra and nachni are rich in iron (improves the oxygen carrying capacity of blood), vitamin B (reduces stress) and calcium that eases muscle fatigue.

Whenever you feel your energy levels ebbing, grab a banana over sugary drinks and fried snacks. Loaded with carbs that provide instant energy and potassium that improves muscle and nerve function, bananas lend the right fuel to recharge your batteries.