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Diet & Nutrition
6 Nutrition Tips For Elderly
Mar 2014
Geetha G H
Consultant Registered Dietician, Bangalore

Ageing brings innumerable body changes. As we get older, our bodies require fewer calories but not at the cost of nutrient dense foods that help to sustain health. Food choices reflect immunity, mental acuity, bone strength, stamina and onset of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart ailments and osteoporosis.

Feel Light
Tuck in reduced quantity of food to compensate the sluggish digestive system and metabolism. Smaller meals interspersed with snacks offering greater variety help to harness bounteous nutrients and maintain weight. Refrain from high sugar, high fat and fast foods. Pay heed to the consistency of the food to match poor dentition and diminished appetite.

Stay Sharp
Processed foods are convenient but lack nutrients and are brimming with sugar, fats and salt. Opt for whole grains flushed with B vitamins that keep one energetic. Pulses, dark green leafy vegetables and eggs offer iron and folate that boost stamina. Omega-3 in fish, nuts and olive oil helps to reduce cognitive decline and cholesterol. Regular exposure to sunlight keeps the mind pepped, bolsters vitamin D and props vitamin B12.