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Diet & Nutrition
A Guide To Fruitful Eating
Mar 2019

A Guide To Fruitful Eating​

Eating fruits help you get rid of many ailments. We often find health and fitness experts advocating the consumption of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. Well, fruits are not just wonders of nature, filled with essential nutrients, but are also mood enhancers, when they touch the taste buds!

Washing Fruits Before Eating

Washing fruits is important as everything that is exposed to air is bound to have germs on and around them. Fruits are no exception, and some fruits like apples are also wax dipped for better appearance. Hence it becomes more crucial to wash them before eating.

Best Time To Eat Fruits

Fruits contain antioxidants that help detoxify the body, and fight against free radicals. Health experts often talk about eating fruits through the day. Eating fruits on an empty stomach, followed by a glass of water, and including them in your breakfast are healthy ways to kick start the day.

For Weight Watchers

Weight loss has become one of the most common requirements with the present day lifestyle that most lead. However, fruits make a great diet food inclusion while on a weight loss regime. Fruits can fill your stomach with natural vitamins, dietary fibres, and glucose which help you avoid binge eating and unnecessary snacking