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Diet & Nutrition
Advantages Of Drinking Banana Stem Juice
Jan 2019

Are you looking for ways to lose weight? Are you facing trouble with kidney stones? If your answer to both questions is ‘yes,’ it is best you read on to find out more. We all know the health benefits of bananas but did you know that banana stem too possess great health benefits? Studies have found that certain properties in banana stem make it an effective weight loss food.

Furthermore, the juice prepared from banana stem can be very effective in preventing kidney stones. It also contains number of essential nutrients that can help improve your overall well-being. Banana stem is a rich source of fibre that makes you feel fuller, for a longer duration. So here are some benefits of including
banana stem in your diet.

Detoxifies Your Body
Banana stem is known to be a natural diuretic that helps in detoxifying your body. It is also regarded as a natural remedy that aids in treating kidney stones. Including banana stem in your diet will not only keep you healthy but it also enhances your kidney’s function. Since it is a rich source of fibre, it helps with constipation and aids bowel movement.