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Diet & Nutrition
Best Life Diet Could Help You Reach Your WeightLoss Goals
Jul 2017
Dr Vani Srinivas
Clinical Nutritionist And Director, Astra Healthcare Private Limited

With plenty of diets coming into practice, there may be confusion with regard to what to follow and what not to follow. However, as each diet is unique in its style and every diet is thoroughly checked and analyzed by qualified dieticians and nutritionists, there needn’t be any worry about the consequences of the different types of diets.

The ‘Best Life Diet’ is one such popular diet which has been introduced by Physiologist, Bob Greene. Besides being famous for his books on diets, Greene also became popular as a result of Oprah Winfrey crediting her successful weight loss to the ‘Best Life Diet.’ This declaration on her part about ‘The Best Life Diet’ has also made it more appealing. Furthermore, this diet is also one of the coolest and easiest diets to follow and is mostly based on the idea that food is essential and is also a pleasure for the body.