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Diet & Nutrition
Build Muscle Mass With Lean Meats
May 2017
Dr Seemma Saadikha

Muscles And Diet
Lean meats are those meats which contain relatively less content of fats. They contain less than 10 grams of fat in approximately 80 grams serving size. This is because they have higher water percentage and less fats. They also contain comparatively more amount of proteins than those meat products with higher fat content. Lean meats contain essential lean proteins which play a vital role in developing our muscle mass.

The human muscle comprises 40 per cent of the total body weight. Human muscles form the skeletal framework of our body and are responsible for our mobility while the fibrous tissues in our muscles are responsible for making them flexible. The proteins from our diet play a major role in developing the muscular framework of our body, as proteins are the major macronutrient which acts as a major building block of muscle fibres.

Sources Of Protein
Muscles comprise mainly of water content, but that in muscles is inversely variable with the presence of fats. Lower the inter-muscular fat content more is the water content of the muscle and vice versa. Hence, the source of protein which we consume in order to build muscle mass should also contain less amount of fat. Muscles then develop utilizing the essential dietary proteins instead of the fats.