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Diet & Nutrition
Apr 2019


When you’re on a fitness regimen, you’re probably on a conscious count of how much you’re eating, and what you’re eating. You calculate how many calories you’re consuming, and you avoid eating a few things for the reason that they contain high amounts of calories. But did you ever find out what these calories are, what they do to your body, and how many calories the body actually needs?

What Is A Calorie?  The human body is made of innumerable cells and atoms which need a constant supply of energy to live and function smoothly. Every movement or action that you do depends on the energy that comes in the form of food. A calorie is a unit of energy or the heat that is generated from food. In other words, food is like the fuel that the human body needs for functioning. A nutritious and balanced diet provides all the essential nutrients to the body which helps it function.

While every type of food has minerals that are converted into energy, sometimes excess consumption may become a problem. This is because, in the current lifestyle practices, most tend to accumulate these calories/ units of energy which is eventually stored as fat in the body. This is an outcome of the drastic reduction in the manual effort that we have these days. Technology has introduced automated alternatives to all that can be done manually. Hence, burning these consumed calories needs that extra effort for a healthy body.

Besides having calories that can turn in fats due to poor metabolic rate, there are some foods that have bad calories. There are often referred to as “empty calories” which means that although they provide calories, they have no nutritional value. Now, this is when you need to count every calorie that you consume.