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Cod Liver Oil The Wonder Supplement
May 2019

Cod Liver Oil The Wonder Supplement​

Food supplements are a great addition to the medical system. Vitamins, proteins and other nutrients that we lack due to poor nutrition are now being substituted with a wide range of pharmaceutical products.

Whether it be, aloe vera or wheatgrass juice, a tablet or a tonic; there are innumerable supplements that offer a wide range of benefits. One such nutrient supplement is, ‘cod liver oil’.
Here’s how you can benefit from it.
Cod Liver Oil - What It Is​
Fish oils are known to be high in nutritive value and cod liver oil comes with the maximum benefits. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids like other fish oils, yet carries more value with an additional benefit of reducing inflammation and regulating blood pressure. Cod liver oil contains vitamins A & D and fat-soluble vitamins that we all need.
Unlike the regular fish oil which is extracted from the tissues of oily fishes like herring and mackerel, tuna, etc., cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of the Atlantic codfish. Hence, it contains much more nutritive value than regular fish oil.