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Diet & Nutrition
Drink Ajwain Water To Get In Shape
Jan 2019

Do you suffer from obesity? Are you tired of all the tips to burn fat, with dents in your pockets due to over-consumption of various supplements that promise weight loss? You don’t need to have deep pockets to reduce your weight. Therefore, we are sure you would be awestruck to know that the magic formula which will be unveiled today, has been lying in your kitchen all a long! Often used in our daily recipes, the Bishop’s Weed or ajwain can help you achieve your dream weight! Read on to know more.

When you unfold the pages of Ayurveda or the traditional medicine used in India, ajwain undoubtedly enjoys special place. Often used for treating flatulence and stomach bloating in the ancient days, ajwain has medicinal properties that make it miraculous. It was also used to treat alcoholism and nasal congestion.

Given its pungent taste, one may refrain from consuming it, but when you know the benefits, you might want to ignore its strong flavour. Originally from Persia, ajwain contains thymol, an essential oil that contains antibacterial properties. Rich in fibre and antioxidants, ajwain helps in providing relief from stomach bloating, if taken regularly.