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Diet & Nutrition
Eat Fresh Fruits!
Jul 2014
Nitika Sharma
Consultant Dietician, Hyderabad

It is well known that fruits are one of the healthiest foods. As our festivals add colour to our life, likewise fruits add colour to our plate. But for many people, fruits can be very boring as compared to other foods when offered. And for others, buying fruits is like burning big holes in their pockets. The following steps can help us solve the problem:

How to buy fresh fruits?

  • Purchase fresh when it fits the budget and timing. Consume them in a week’s time to avoid rotting or lessening nutritional value.
  • Buy fruits in small quantities and consume them quickly.
  • Purchase frozen fruits only when fresh fruits are not available. Frozen fruits are frozen very quickly after harvest and hold many nutrients. They have a longer shelf life and can be cooked easily.
  • Canned fruits can be purchased to stock up the pantry, but before that, read the labels carefully. Canned fruits are usually packed in syrup that loads up extra calories and sugar. Choose canned fruits that are packed in water or juice instead.
  • Purchase only 100 per cent fruit juice (without added sugar) when you are at a place where fruits are not available. Juice lacks fibre but it still has the other nutrients.

How to save money?

  • Shop at a local farmers’ market, which has local and fresh produce that is priced reasonably.
  • Buy seasonal fruits.
  • Start a small kitchen garden. Many fruits like strawberries, tomatoes, mulberry, figs etc. can also be grown in pots.