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Diet & Nutrition
Foods That Beat The Sunny Spell
May 2019

Foods That Beat The Sunny Spell

Summer and heat go hand-in-hand. With Mercury rising, the scorching sun has the potential to deplete us of our energy, and drain us completely. Many fall under the sun’s spell experience dehydration, suffer from a heat stroke and exhaust themselves. Hence, it is crucial for everyone to take extra care during the summer time. Making dietary changes and adopting new lifestyle changes can help you beat the impact of the sun..


Cucumber is rich in fibre and contains properties that keep the body from being constipated and dehydrated. Cucumbers contain a great amount of water, which is highly essential during the summer season. Watermelon is rich in antioxidants and contains 91.45 per cent of water.
Watermelons are a great snack that provides your body with a cooling effect. It is one of the most famous seasonal fruits especially in subtropical regions, which is prominently visible in every fruit stand or store.
Mint is an inexpensive herb, which assists in keeping the body cool and refreshed. This inexpensive herb can be consumed in many ways such as a chutney, in a beverage, or just by itself