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Foods That Boost Estrogen Levels In The Body
Mar 2017
Khyati Rupani

Estrogen is a female hormone and a medication responsible for the development of the reproductive system. It is produced by the brain and research is still on, as to its functionality over the human reproductive system and brain. However, brain scientists are studying this phenomenon and evidently, it’s not only the females but males too have the need for estrogen.

Effects Of Estrogen On Health
Estrogen primarily influences the female reproductive tract in its development, maturation, and function. It basically helps control and guide sexual development, including the physical changes associated with puberty. A lack of the estrogen hormone may lead to some conditions like osteoporosis and some inconvenience like vaginal dryness. Men on the other hand, also produce estrogen but at lower levels and research shows that estrogen affects sperm count.

Females may experience a drop in their estrogen level, during menopause and a hike is observed in cases of breast cancer. If you want a boost in your estrogen levels but don’t want to take medication, here is a list of some foods that you may just be looking for!