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Diet & Nutrition
Fruity Pearls
Oct 2014
Sanjeev Kapoor
Master Chef, Author & Television Host Khana Khazana India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Here’s a riddle - Which fruit wears its own little crown on its head and is full of shiny jewels? Oops, I gave away too much. Yes, indeed it is pomegranate and its gorgeous ruby red kernels. On their own, pomegranate seeds make for a colourful garnish in appetisers, entrees and desserts.

For a long time, I had one grouse against this fruit - that it is difficult to peel, remove kernels from the pith and then juice it. Also, it stains the hands momentarily. Anyway, there are many ways to get to the kernels but a simple one is to ask the fruit waala to split it into four for you and the rest can be done at home using a good spoon.

It is interesting to know that ancient Romans not only enjoyed the succulent flesh of this fruit, they also tanned and used the rinds as a form of leather.