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Diet & Nutrition
Know What To Eat To Prevent Kidney Stones
Feb 2019
Sneha Sadhwani
Clinical Nutritionist And Certified Diabetes Educator

Kidney stones are small, hard mineral deposits that form in the kidneys. Passing a kidney stone through the urinary tract is often painful.

Individuals who are genetically predisposed to kidney stones can avoid quick formation of kidney stones by following a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle habits.

With the right foods, adequate water intake and medications, you can reduce your risk of kidney stones. Making minor changes to your diet and lifestyle may go a long way towards preventing kidney stones.

How To Prevent Kidney Stones?

  • Stay Hydrated

One way to keep kidney stones from developing is to boost your water intake. Water is this planet’s most effective and inexpensive medicine.

Dehydration or low water intake causes low urine output. This makes the urine concentrated and dark in color. High concentration of calcium salts in the urine can lead to the development of kidney stones.