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Overcoming the Issue of Low Blood Count with a Diet Plan (Anaemia)
Jan 2019

Anaemia occurs when your body lacks the required amount of red blood cells. This condition is caused due to the destruction of your red blood cells, blood loss or inability of the body to generate a sufficient number of red blood cells.

Iron deficiency anaemia is the most common type of anaemia. Red blood cells possess a protein called haemoglobin which is packed with iron. If you lack sufficient iron, your body cannot make haemoglobin which is vital to create red blood cells. Red blood cells are needed to supply oxygen-rich blood to the entire body. A healthy and well-balanced diet which is rich in iron is important to fight anaemia.

Leafy Greens
Apart from iron, greens such as kale and spinach are also rich in oxalates. Leafy greens which include collard greens and Swiss chard contain folate. A diet which lacks folate leads to folate-deficiency anaemia. So it is important to include beans, whole grains and citrus fruits which are good sources of folate.

The liver is undisputedly the well-known organ meat which is rich in folate and iron. A few other organ meats which are rich in iron are kidney and beef tongue.