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Probiotics To Boost Gut And Mind Connection
Apr 2019

Probiotics To Boost Gut And Mind Connection ​

Health is linked to everything that you go about doing each day. Right from when you start your day, till you shut the eye, health has a major role to play. To justify this statement, think about what helps the body function in a certain way, how food gets absorbed into the system, and how food affects your mood? You would probably think of the digestive juices that break down the food and absorb the nutrients mixed in the blood. That’s right. But there’s more to this process, and there is a strong connection between the gut and mind.

When we breathe, we inhale air and a lot along with it, including bacteria. Likewise, when we eat, we take the bacteria into our gut. Basically, bacteria live on us, and in us. But the good news is, bacteria is not always bad. There are good bacteria too, which are practically essential for survival. This symbiotic relationship is called ‘mutualism’, which means both humans and bacteria are benefitting from living together.

Understanding The Gut The human body is home for almost a hundred trillion good bacteria that primarily live in the gut. You must have heard the term ‘probiotic’. Probiotics are living organisms are live bacteria or yeast that are good for the body, especially for the digestive system. Now to understand how probiotics work, you need to first know how the gut works. The job of the gut is to:

Extract Energy 

Absorb Nutrients 

Remove Waste

The good bacteria/probiotics absorb nutrients from food, improve the immune function, and support gut integrity. As a natural response to a healthy gut, the mind is relaxed and there’s no room for irregular bowel issues or problems associated with the gut. A healthy gut makes one feel energetic and happy, but the big question is how are the gut and mind connection, and what is the mechanism that stimulates mental wellbeing through the gut.