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Diet & Nutrition
Superfoods For Your Bones
Dec 2018

With every passing decade of your life, your bones keep you going. Hence, taking care of your bones from early on in life, will help keep your bones strong even when you are in your fifties and sixties. The secret behind healthy bones is an active lifestyle and a good diet, rich in bone-building minerals. So here’s a list of superfoods that includes all the building blocks for your bones. Eating these foods regularly to sidestep the risk of fragile bones in the future.

Gorge On Grapefruit
A grapefruit during breakfast time will load you with a sufficient amount of vitamin C for the entire day. Vitamin C is found helpful in preventing bone loss. However, if the grapefruit is too sour for you, try an orange, as it offers the same benefit.

Add These Two Lesser Known Nutrients To Your Diet
The two nutrients that help your bones are magnesium and potassium. Deficiency of magnesium may cause problems in the balance of vitamin D and potassium neutralizes the effects of acid in your body that drain calcium out of your bones. Gorging on a baked medium size sweet potato without adding salt, is a delicious way to have both of these nutrients together and in sufficient quantities.

Eat Foods That Build Your Bones
When it comes to bone health, nothing beats calcium. We all know that dairy is a good source of calcium, but calcium is also available in green leafy vegetables. So, a combination of both would be great. Therefore, include kale, cabbage, collards and turnip greens in your diet. One additional benefit of dark greens is that it includes Vitamin K, which cuts down the risk of osteoporosis.