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Diet & Nutrition
What Is The Paleo Diet
May 2015
Nitika Sharma

The word Paleo came from Palaeolithic era i.e. the Stone Age. The Paleo diet is professed upon the foods that were eaten by primitive man. The humans that lived in that age, ate what they caught during hunts as agriculture was not established back then. This diet is high in proteins and low in legumes, cereals, tubers and dairy products. The modern form of the Paleo diet is largely a fad with emphasis solely on weight reduction. It encourages eating whole foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables. It also discourages the consumption of refined sugars and processed foods.

Foods To Eat While On A Paleo Diet

  • Meats, seafood and eggs form a major source of protein in this diet. In an ideal case, the animals from which meat and eggs are obtained, should be fed a natural organic meal, as it was done during the Palaeolithic Age.
  • This diet lays emphasis on eating plenty of vegetables but restricts the consumption of green beans, peas, potatoes and starchy tubers.
  • All fruits are allowed to be part of this diet. But those who are following this diet as a weight loss regime should avoid sugary fruits and juices.