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Diet & Nutrition
Why You Should Eat Real Foods
Apr 2017

There is nothing healthier and more nutritious than eating produce straight from the farms or fields. Thus, we are often advised to eat whole foods and to shun or avoid processed and canned foods because of the negative effects of processed foods and preservatives. So eat real, whole and unrefined foods rich in nutrients that promote healthy eating.

Additionally, before you consume any food or beverage, ask yourself if the food is going to help achieve health, fitness and performance goals or detract from them. Also, avoid junk food as they are low in nutrients and often high in sugar and other toxic ingredients that rob you of good health. Real foods help you eat purposefully and not foolishly.

Why Real Foods?

  • Whole grains are better than white ‘enriched’ flour that has the vast majority of their nutrients removed
  • Whole fruits are better than dried fruit or fruit juice. Whole fruits have vitamins, minerals, beneficial phenolic compounds, essential fatty acids and many other valuable substances not found in refined fruit products. Fruit juices are also often high in calories and sugar and low in fibre
  • Fresh vegetables have more vitamins and minerals than canned or frozen ones
  • Freshly prepared meats are better than smoked or aged meats as aged meat has disease causing oxidized cholesterol that is rarely found in fresh meat
  • Fresh sea food is better than canned or smoked foods. The fresher the fish, the more intact its fatty acids will be