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While the summer came along quite pleasantly this year, we move into the sunny month of May which means more mangoes and a step closer to the monsoon days! It’s that time when every house has its coolers in full swing and here we are with some cool reads. While one article talks about how to ‘Cool Your Eyes’, the other helps you know about ‘Foods That Improve Fertility.’ You can also get some great tips and techniques for skincare in summer.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and brings about the sweetest celebrations around the world. This month we have the ‘Bold And Bountiful - Sania Mirza’, the pride of our nation, talk about her life and stepping into motherhood in our cover story. Also, since this is the month of mothers, team Bpositive has a ‘Pre-pregnancy Diet’ for all the mothers to be!

Moving on to health, fitness and wellbeing, life can get hectic but finding balance is much needed. Our expert guides shed some light on better living and self-care. ‘The Science behind Meditation’ tells us what exactly meditation does for the body that help us inside-out. Wellbeing is a significant part of a healthy life. The most needed aspect of being healthy overall is to have positivity in oneself. Our Expert, Mrs Sheelaa Bajaj, talks about ‘Cultivating Positivity’ to get us to live life in a happier and healthier way. While ways to get fit faster have been changing by the day especially for women, B-Town fitness guru Rakesh Udiyar talks about ‘Fitness For Fertility’.

This month we also have a very special festival that brings people together to fast and pray from sunrise to sunset. The article on ‘Fasting To Fitness’ helps you to be healthy with simple Ramzan rituals. This Ramzan special edition has some ‘Yummyliciously Healthy Recipes’ you must try.

Healthcare industry is booming by the day and the advancements in technology are beyond a layman’s thoughts. Technology has become the super science we are dependent on for most medical treatments. Here we have an article on the ‘Future Of Robotic Surgery’. With so much knowledge and information on health and wellbeing there’s a need to have an insight on how travelling can be a great way to de-stress and get back to normal life with a bash.

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