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Welcome to the first edition of 2019. Each time we step into a New Year, many of us decide to utilise this auspicious time to make changes regarding our lifestyle, which mostly pertains to getting fitter and healthier. Although many people make resolutions at the beginning of each year, not everyone can execute their plans successfully, as it requires sheer determination, dedication and discipline. Therefore, remember to make your resolutions more realistic, practical and achievable.

Remember, making resolutions and committing to them is an important aspect of life that may need a little inspiration. However, irrespective of the resolutions you may commit to, the ‘significance of New Year resolutions’ is to improve your life. Therefore, read this article with the same title, to understand how you can enhance your willpower to help you achieve your goals.

As we all get ready to ring in the New Year, there will undoubtedly be parties and celebrations. However, along with all the merrymaking you may still have to adhere to your professional commitments as well. So in case you need to attend a party after work, but want to flaunt flawless skin and shiny hair, we’ve got together some quick fixes in ‘tips to look gorgeous at after-work parties.’ Just look it up and you’ll surely step out in style!

For some of us, welcoming the New Year may mean travelling to new places and who can dispute the fact that it is indeed a perfect time to plan a holiday! However, keep in mind that staying healthy is just as important. While most of us may end up enjoying the holidays, some may fall prey to illnesses or sicknesses due to different time zones or due to a change in weather. Therefore, you should certainly read ‘tips to stay healthy while travelling.’

Our January 2019 edition features many interesting topics that will surely grab your attention. For instance, ‘top six anti-ageing foods,’ is an ideal read for those wanting to retain a youthful look with every passing year. Additionally, who wouldn’t want to read articles like, ‘myths about working out during your period,’ or for that matter, ‘effective ways to combine yoga and exercise’ or ‘six exercises to tone every part of your body!’

Go through these write-ups and you’ll soon realise that sticking to your fitness goals is going to be much easier than you thought! This is because you will be privy to the secrets of getting quicker and better results. Winter has arrived with all its glory, but it may bring with it some viral infections too. Hence, to help you sidestep your worry, we’ve included some ‘dietary guidelines to help prevent viral infections.’ Read this article to know about some foods that can help ward off certain ailments.

Our cover this month is graced by the rugged, charming and charismatic actor of Tollywood, Ram Charan. The son of Megastar, Chiranjeevi, this actor par excellence, rose to stardom with sheer hard work and has now carved a niche for himself as one of the most celebrated stars in South India. Charan is also extremely popular for the many different roles he plays in real life as well. He is a celebrity, an actor, producer, entrepreneur and an amazing equestrian. Read on to know more about this Mega Power Star!

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