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Fitness & Beauty

Fasting To Fitness​

 The blessed month of Ramzan is upon us, a period of prayer, sacrifice and appreciation. Simple rituals, prayers...

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Health Benefits Of Household Chores ​

We all can agree when it comes to disliking attempting any household chores.

We all can agree...

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10 Workout Myths Busted For Pregnant Women​

Regular exercise during pregnancy not only helps you to stay healthy and happy but also makes...

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Fitness Chronicles With Rakesh Udiyar

With the kind of lifestyle we lead, there is a need to make alterations and adjustments with health....

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Why Wearing Sunscreen Is Important

Is your sunscreen hiding in the back of your closet and is just unearthed when it’s time to head down...

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Sparkle With The Botanical Spa

Looking for a beauty fix this summer? Spa treatments are all you need! With all the heat that drains you out,...

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May 2019

Cool Your Eyes

Summer is at the peak which means more sunshine but unfortunately more heat as well. The moment you step out in the sun your...

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Summer & Swimming​

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable and delightful activities, which anyone can indulge in during...

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Handy  Self-Defence Tips

A rise in crimes internationally has created an urgency for men and women to defend their safety anytime, anywhere. Unexpected...

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The 4 Minute Fat Burn Miracle Tabata Training

While workouts are fun, goals are equally difficult to achieve. And that’s quite annoying. You may aim for...

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Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer

Summer is almost here and the sun rays are all set to cast its spell on us. It is time to fight the harsh effects...

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Shahnaz Husain

Summer Skin Care Tips For Men

Looking good is not just a female prerogative. Men also should equally realise the importance of their appearance. Looking one’s...

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