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5 Outdoor Cardio Workouts That Can Help You Stay Fit
Dec 2018

If you are on a holiday, spending your time away from home or on an official trip, it could be hard to make some time for a usual workout routine. Also, hitting the local gym or opting for a fitness session may not be feasible. In such situations, all you need is a quick equipment-free workout programme that gets the job done, no matter where you are! If that workout covers your entire body and provides strength training and cardio, then it will be even more beneficial. So here are five outdoor exercises you can try out to stay fit.

Hill-Spring Workouts
This exercise is a perfect example of HIIT workouts and they are very effective in burning a significant number of calories in a fairly short period of time. It can also be considered as functional training since your bodyweight fights against gravity, which only makes your body stronger in the entire process.

Sand Sprint
If you are on a holiday and looking for a workout, try out sand sprints. Running on sand not only strengthens your toes, feet and ankles, but also enhances your body’s metabolism. This workout will be twice as effective if you run on the sand without wearing shoes.

This is a form of bodyweight exercise that involves all the muscle groups of your body. Practising it regularly will tone up your abs, legs, neck and lower back. It is a perfect alternative to your usual workout routine in the gym.