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Exercises That Help Avoid Spinal Injuries
Jan 2019
Shruti Kadam
Lecturer, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute

In order to understand how to avoid spinal injuries, one must understand the structure of the human spine. Humans are the only mammals with an upright posture, as we are bipedal mammals and our body totally relies on our core strength. A healthy spine plays an important role in it.

The spine has an ‘S’ shape. Hence, there are curvatures that need to be maintained in order to avoid any spinal abnormalities that may lead to injuries. To maintain these curvatures in a healthy manner, one must have a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our spinal column is not just the alignments of small bones that are called vertebrae but is actually an extension of our central nervous system that passes in the form of the ‘spinal cord’ through it. This part of our body is responsible for smooth communication between the brain and the body.

Therefore, the right alignment equals to smooth communication. When the healthy alignment is lost, we create stress on this whole mechanism, which may reflect as pain and which can develop into either an abnormality or a more serious and painful condition.