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Fasting To Fitness
May 2019

Fasting To Fitness​

 The blessed month of Ramzan is upon us, a period of prayer, sacrifice and appreciation. Simple rituals, prayers and fasting from sunrise to sunset does a lot for the soul. It is considered to be the month of cleansing the soul, a time where one is guided to Allah to strengthen the connection.
Most Muslims during Ramzan prepare themselves for what they will cook or prepare for iftar and sehri for thirty straight days. However, one who fasts during Ramzan needs a proper meal and fitness plan to stay healthy and in shape. Moreover fasting during Ramzan is not starvation, but a natural detox. Some mistake fasting as a period of not eating or drinking. However, fasting includes the intake of food after breaking the fast. Those who fast during Ramzan notice their bodies feeling more rested, as fasting gives a break to the digestive system. This break can energize the metabolism leading to more efficient burning of calories. The better the digestion, the faster and better is the metabolism. Fasting also leads to better function of the kidneys and liver. This encourages healthy bowel function.