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Fitness Guidelines For Millennial Parents
Jan 2019
Bhavna Mehta
Founder, Mumbai Juniorthon

Millennial parents are doing a great job with respect to imparting values and qualities to their kids that will make them great leaders and more importantly, phenomenal human beings in the future. However, one thing that needs to be addressed is the electronic addiction that parents are inadvertently plaguing children with. Kids these days are glued to their iPads, smartphones, television or game consoles and outdoor playtime has become almost insignificant.

The lack of outdoor activities has led to a rise in childhood obesity and other related diseases in India. Children are more vulnerable to vitamin D deficiency, depression and chronic weight-related diseases due to their inactive lifestyles. Therefore, the children of today, need to experience the world out there, outside of their gadgets. The benefits of letting your kids play outdoors is enormous! It is also important for their mental as well as physical well-being.

Emphasize The Importance Of Outdoor Play Time
All parents must encourage outdoor playtime for their children on a daily basis and limit screen time as active kids are more likely to grow into active adults and have more wholesome lives. Here are some fitness tips for children along with the things parents can do to find a healthy balance between their lives online and offline:

Lead By Example: Young kids love to mimic and be just like their parents. Go on family runs and break out in a sweat together. Indulge in weekly family challenges. After all, a healthy family is a happy family!