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Makeup Hacks To Look Stunning This Festive Season
Dec 2018
Bharti Taneja
Celebrity Beauty Expert

Let’s admit it. The festive season is always a busy time. While your heart wants to just dive deep in to the festivities, your mind constantly reminds you of work deadlines and last-minute meetings that you simply can’t skip or ignore. When it comes to getting ready quickly, all you need is half an hour to apply your makeup. But sadly, when you are heading straight to a party from the office, all you get is five minutes!

Therefore, if you want to sail smoothly through the festive season, you ought to know a few makeup hacks. So here are some amazing makeup hacks to ensure your makeup lasts all night long.

Smudge-Proof Eye Makeup
If there is one sure shot way to elevate your makeup game, it’s through your eyes. Whether you want to play it up or down, eye makeup is the best way to stand out at any party. To make sure your eyeshadow doesn’t slide down your lids onto your cheekbones or doesn’t get caked into the creases around your eyes, start with the creamy base first and finish off with powder or pigmented eyeshadows.

Luminous Skin Highlighter
If you have worked for more than eight hours in office, staring at your computer, your skin might look a little tired and dull. The easiest way to perk it up is by using a skin highlighter that covers all your dark spots or blemishes and gives you a healthy glow. However, if not applied right, the foundation can turn cakey after a few hours, but don’t worry, there are some tricks to fix this. Just spray some fixing spray on a sponge and then set the foundation with it. Blend nicely. Fixing spray ensures your foundation stays flawless for hours.