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Myths About Working Out During Your Periods
Jan 2019

Several people address periods or menstruation as a monthly problem!’ But the fact is when a lady doesn’t get her period, it’s a ‘real problem.’ This is because it is a natural physiological phenomenon that is needed for procreation and regular periods is an indication of a woman’s good health. Many believe different things related to exercise during menstruation so here are a few facts about the same.

Myth 1
A Woman Must Rest While She Is Menstruating

Fact: The fact is both - a yes and a no. Menstruation is an individual experience. Though all women bleed, the way they feel during those days is something that depends on their own physiological predisposition. Some women have very heavy  bleeding along with extreme cramps in the lower body and lower back/abdominal pain, while others may not show any such signs. A woman who has painful menstruation must rest and women who don’t experience such signs must go ahead and do what they enjoy.