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Safe Ways To Curl Your Hair
Dec 2018
Shahnaz Husain
CEO Of Shahnaz Herbals Inc. And Renowned Beauty Expert

With the changing fashion trends, hair styling procedures too, keep changing. There was a time when women opted for permanent waving with tight curls all over the head. But repeated ‘perms’ spelt damage for the hair. Therefore, newer and safer curling methods were devised in order to limit the damage. For example, blow drying can be used to curl the hair and sections of the hair can be rolled around a brush or rollers can be used to make large or small curls.

Here’s How You Should Curl Your Hair
The hair should be slightly damp for roller setting. Divide the hair in sections and hold them back with clips. Work on each section at a time. To add fullness on top of the head, divide the hair on the crown into four sections. Wind them around large rollers, before drying the hair. If you want tight curls, make sections of the hair and wind them around small rollers. Avoid wire rollers, as they can cause hair breakage.

If you want to curl your hair, use the rollers on damp hair. Leave them on for a few hours and then blow dry them for a minute or two before opening the rollers. If you don’t want them very curly, avoid leaving the rollers on for too long, so that you can have gentle waves. For gentle waves or curls, you can also use a curling wand. However, it is best not to use direct heat applications too frequently, to prevent damage to the hair.