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Sparkle With The Botanical Spa
May 2019

Sparkle With The Botanical Spa

Looking for a beauty fix this summer? Spa treatments are all you need! With all the heat that drains you out, there has to be something to recharge you. Isn’t it? If you’re under the impression that spa treatments are temporary techniques to relax, your living with a myth. Spas have an array of detox and de-stress treatments that revive your dropped energy levels. In short, they have innumerable health benefits.

However, with a hectic lifestyle, many of you might head to a skin clinic for summer skin peels. But what’s important to know is, the glycolic and lactic acid peels make your skin more susceptible to damage. Your skin becomes extra sensitive and can develop more complications. While the skin is bound to suffer the sun’s touch, a spa treatment can be of great help in soothing it. But choosing the right spa treatment is quite a task. So,here’s a virtual tour of the best summer spa treatment you must try. ‘The Aloe Vera Pack’.