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Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer
Apr 2019

Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer

Summer is almost here and the sun rays are all set to cast its spell on us. It is time to fight the harsh effects of the Ultra Violet rays and beat the heat this season. Firstly, the sun hits the hair and makes it dull, dry and weak. So, it is time protect your summer stricken tresses and ensure they are healthy even in this scorching heat. Therefore, it is important to prep your hair before the summer actually gets difficult to handle.

Quick Hair Care Tips

This Summer COVER YOUR HAIR It is very essential to cover your hair with a scarf, or a hat before heading out. It prevents direct exposure from sunrays, thus reinstating the moisture content in hair. Also, a scarf prevents your hair from getting tangled.

The sun is already pouring in too much heat on your hair. So, it is best to avoid all heat generating products like blow dryers, straighteners, curling rods etc. The heating tools dry out hair, and makes the hair frizzy, so avoiding them is best. Try embracing your natural hair and air dry your hair.