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Warm Up Exercises To Improve Blood Flow
Mar 2019
Ms. Shalini Bhargava
Director At Jg's Fitness Centre

Warm-Up Exercises To Improve Blood Flow

Effective stretching not only plays a vital role in wound prevention, but it also facilitates in increasing and improving blood circulation all throughout your body. It does so, by slightly pulling and tugging on the muscle and connective tissue, pervading them with a conscious breath. The mixture of inhalation with these actions supports in generating fluid homeostasis in the body that helps in recovering and upholding the health of the heart and kidneys.

If you desire to reap all these benefits, consider adding these stretches to your workout regimen in order to help improve blood circulation.

​Downward Dog

This posture is perhaps the most widespread yoga pose, and is useful for countless muscle stretches throughout your body. It reinforces and extends the entire body while being upturned. Inversions do nothing but mend circulation by increasing the blood flow to the brain, and by refining cerebral function and handing out abilities. To start with the exercise, it is suggested that you must start on all fours, pushing your toes underneath, and accordingly lift your hips, while pressing your hands on the ground. Starting from your glutes to your heels, should be in a straight posture. You might get the feel of pushing the surface away from you, your hips are lifting upwards, and the feet are reaching downwards to the flat surface.


The bridge pose is a very beneficial pose owing to the fact that it not only reinforces the body but it also calms the mind and central nervous system. It also rouses and progresses organ function in the lungs, abs, thyroid glands and digestive system. You must wrap up the exercise with a final downward dog posture to stretch it out. After finishing this workout you will witness that you don’t require much to get your blood flowing. You can perform about ten breaths in about sixty seconds.