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Causes And Treatment Of Parasomnias
Nov 2018

Confusional Arousals: This condition makes you feel confused and act weird as soon as you wake up
Sleepwalking: It is a condition in which you walk around, drive or do other activities when you are still asleep. You may not be even aware of it, unless someone awakens you in the middle of an activity
Sleep Eating Disorder: This is a situation in which you tend to binge eat when you are partially awake
Sleep Paralysis: This is a condition in which you are unable to move from the bed for some time, as soon as you wake up

Tips To Fight Parasomnia

  • Stay Safe: If you have issues of sleepwalking, make it a point that somebody helps or assists you to recover from this issue. If a child is facing such an issue, parents should be cautious.
  • Treat The Issue: If the issue worsens or becomes difficult to tackle, get appropriate treatment. Consult a certified sleep therapist and follow their advice on how to proceed with the treatment.
  • Set A Sleep Routine: Set a specific time everyday to sleep and get up. If you have sleep issues, try sleeping and waking up early to tackle the issue