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Dietary Guidelines To Follow After A Cardiac Surgery
Feb 2018
Mihira A R Khopkar
Dietician And Sports Nutritionist

An unhealthy lifestyle precipitates as abnormal lipid profile, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity etc. all leading up to the master of diseases - Coronary Heart Disease! If after a cardiac surgery, the current lifestyle pattern is not improved, the chances of blockages and infarctions increase more than what they were before CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) surgery. So here’s some helpful dietary guidelines to follow after a cardiac surgery:

  • Moderation is really the key. Avoid overeating at once and split meals in smaller portions throughout the day. This will help speed up metabolism.
  • Colourful fruits such as papaya, melons, orange, plums, peaches, sweet lime, kiwi, pear etc. protect the heart, but ensure you consume most of these in the morning.
  • Vegetables are not just rich in fibre but also in many bioactive components known to reduce inflammation. Hence, a portion of veggies in each meal should be mandatory.
  • Saturated fat and high cholesterol are potent causative factors for heart diseases. So consciously limit the consumption of meat, fish, egg yolks and dairy. However, do not completely eliminate them, as they are also good sources of protein.
  • Eat complex carbohydrates such as millets, amaranth and unpolished rice in smaller portions during your meals. Also, consciously limit sugar intake, especially in the form of desserts and sweets.