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All You Need To Know About Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
Nov 2018

Symptoms Of DSPS
Inability To Fall Asleep: This is usually a complaint by insomnia patients. Teenagers stay up till late nights due to social or peer pressures, assignments, mobile phone or internet usage.
Unable To Wake up Early In The Morning: The delay in falling asleep increases the chances of sleeping till morning, making it difficult to get up. The hormone, melatonin which induces sleep is produced late and this makes it difficult to get up in the morning.
Depression And Behavioural Problems: People with DSPS are likely to suffer from mental trauma or depression. Also, daytime drowsiness due to this condition can lead to poor concentration, poor performance and fatigue.

  • Managing And Treating The Issue
  • Practice good sleeping habits and ensure you follow a regular sleep and wake up pattern
  • Shift your bedtime schedule - sleep earlier than the time you are used to sleeping regularly
  • Stay motivated to stick to your schedule. Don’t lose sight of your aims and goals, even on weekends. Stick to the sleep-wake cycle continuously for few months and develop it as a habit