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Brushing The Right Way
May 2014
Dr Rashmi Acharya
Consultant, Aesthetic & Endodontics & General Dentistry, Apollo Hospitals,Bhubaneswar

Good oral hygiene goes a long way in maintaining one’s health. And one of the most important parts of keeping one’s mouth clean is brushing. Brushing, no doubt we all do, whether we do it the right way is the question!
You should brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice everyday using fluoride toothpaste to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and clean.
If you don’t brush your teeth properly, plaque (film of bacteria) is formed. This then causes tooth decay, gum diseases and cavities. Brushing teeth stops plaque build-up. And brushing does not mean that you move a little toothpaste around your mouth – you have to remove bits of leftover food and plaque from nooks and corners.

Right Time To Brush
Before breakfast and before going to bed is when you should brush your teeth and this you should do for at least two minutes.

How To Select Toothbrush
Toothbrush which has a compact and small head, round-end bristles with angled placement of short and long ones is fine for adults. Soft or medium bristles are good for most people. Another alternative is using an electric brush which has a rotating and oscillating head.