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CHAMPI The Indian Massage
May 2019

CHAMPI The Indian Massage​

While we talk of relaxation techniques like spa treatments, meditation, yoga etc., India has always topped the chart. One of the most popular relaxation technique is the Indian head massage or ‘champi’.Here we have some interesting facts about this age-old massage, its benefits and a quick guide about the technique.

Did You Know?
Etymologically the word shampoo is derived from chumpi, as it is applied in the same manner as a head massage.Champi is also widely known by the portmanteau ‘champissage’ and is based on the ancient ayurvedic healing technique which dates back to 4000 years. Although the word champi sounds casual, it is quite unique in its own fashion. It works on the three upper chakras: Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara promoting physical harmony, vitality and relaxation.

In ayurveda, champi is called ‘Shiro Abhyanga’, where Shiro refers to head and Abhyanga means massage. Champi stands for “rubbing” or “friction”. It was first started by women and soon became a part of their self care routine. While the purpose was to maintain healthy and shiny hair for women, it didn’t take long to cross the Indian borders.

Champi Massage - The technique for a champi massage is unique due to its impact on the head, face, neck and shoulders simultaneously. It involves elements of soft facial lymphatic drainage and stimulation of acupressure points within these areas. The technique reduces swelling and puffiness of the face, leaving you feeling refreshing. Champi is usually done in a sequence of four steps: pressing, compression, rotation and rest.

Step 1: Balancing the chakras Pressing on specific acupuncture points aids in activating the energy channels in the body. This results in balanced internal energy which promotes self healing.
Step 2: Fatigue relief - The release of extra tension from the body and general relaxation from the head, neck and the shoulders.
Step 3: Actual scalp massage - This is the longest stage of champi massage.
The masseuse moves along the body’s energy lines aiming at relieving mental and physical tension from the body. The massage is done in various techniques with the goal of fatigue relief and improving blood circulation. The scalp massage also focuses particularly on temples which is good for releasing stress from the head and the eyes.
Step 4: Rest - While aroma oils are used in a certain fashion in champi, the relaxation phase is important. The patient must sit for 15-20 minutes after the massage with closed eyes in a relaxed and zen mode. The entire procedure has an impact on the body and mind as it circulates in a way that cleanses the hidden energy channels.
The next time you’re putting self-care on your calendar, make sure you head to an ayurvedic spa and treat yourself to a champi. It is without a doubt, a great way to release stress. Do it!


Ayurveda has been a wonderful form of healing through various
medicinal herbs and human touch. Similarly, champi has
popularized over the years and has crossed Indian borders,
becoming an internationally acclaimed treatment.

Here are some of the benefits of champi you must know.
• Eliminates toxins

• Provides oxygen to tissues

• Improves blood and lymph circulation

• Reduces muscle tension

• Strengthens the hair roots

• Reduces pain in the shoulders and spine

• Removes mental and physical stress

• Energizes the body, mind and soul

• Eliminates anxiety and depression

• Helps in treating sinus

• Improves vision

• Improves concentration