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Can Your Diet Affect Your Kidneys
Nov 2017
Dr Ravi Andrews
Senior Consultant Nephrologist, Apollo Health City

Wouldn’t it be sheer bliss, if you could lead a life in which you could eat what you want, where you want, how you want and when you want and still not worry about the consequences? But unfortunately, real life is totally different, as every single morsel you put in your mouth has an impact on your vital organs like the brain, liver, kidneys and intestines.

Also, apart from your lifestyle and medications, food is an important tool to counter many chronic diseases. But sadly, thanks to the World Wide Web, every half-baked individual with a smattering of medical knowledge, professes to be a health guru. These unscrupulous people spout forth their nonsensical advice and ignorant people swallow it, because they believe the printed word is always correct and authentic.

There have been plenty of food fads over the years that inevitably died a natural death. The most well-known failed food fad was the Atkins Diet which was wildly popular in 2003-2004. The Atkins Diet was invented by Robert Atkins and propagated a high protein and very low carbohydrate diet. The major risk of this kind of diet is heart disease. It was indeed poetic justice that Atkins himself developed heart disease after following his own diet. Thus, the Atkins diet fell out of favour in 2005 after the death of its creator.

Similar to the role it plays in heart health, diet plays a major role in influencing kidney activity as well and can influence the behaviour of normal kidneys as well as the diseased kidneys.