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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month
Jan 2019

Ever since January was dedicated as the Cervical Health Awareness Month by the United States Congress, various medical organizations and doctors have been working to raise awareness about cervical cancer and how women can protect themselves from it.

HPV (human papillomavirus), which is a common infection that gets transmitted through sexually active people and is a key contributor to cervical cancer. HPV is so common that almost 80 percent of sexually active people are likely to get infected with it at some point or the other in their lifetime.
So, the month of January has been singled out to highlight issues related to HPV disease, cervical cancer and the importance of getting it detected early. Though medical and healthcare organizations, as well as healthcare professionals, work on these matters throughout the year, special emphasis is given on these during the month of January to spread the word among women and in the communities as Cervical Health Awareness Month is celebrated across the world.

What Is Cervical Cancer?
The narrow opening into the uterus from the vagina is the cervix. Cancer that starts in the cervix is called cervical cancer, which can spread to the intestines, bladder, liver, and lungs. This disease can be serious and at times, even fatal.