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Could Your Child Be At Risk For Heart Disease
Sep 2016
Dr Prateek Gupta

India is creating a buzz across the globe for its alarming figures relating to heart disease in the country and especially in kids. The symptoms can help parents identify if their child is at risk for any of the common heart diseases. Hence, here are some of the cardiac issues diagnosed in Indian children along with their symptoms and treatment.
Congenital Heart Disease
It is the most common heart disease detected in children, believed to have a long-term effect. These diseases involve structural defects in the heart and result in a wide range of heart anomalies such as narrow aortic valve, mitral valve prolapse, defects in chamber walls, holes in the heart, and other structural defects.
Inherited at birth
Bluish hue of skin, lips and nail beds. Slow growth and development in child.
Surgery, catheter procedures, medications, and heart transplant.