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Dental Care For Pre Schoolers
May 2017
Apollo White Dental

A prerequisite to gauge a child’s health is by assessing his/her oral health. Dental care begins by cleaning the child’s teeth twice on a daily basis. 

Certain habits like thumb sucking, teeth-grinding and injuries to the teeth are common in pre-schoolers. If any of these teeth issues concern you, it’s best to consult a paediatric dentist.

Importance Of Baby Teeth

  • A growing child’s teething phase is quite important as it helps in the following:
  • Speech: in terms of talking and pronunciation
  • Eating and acquiring nutrition
  • Boosting self-confidence and helping with toothy grins
  • Maintenance of space for permanent teeth to grow and align for better smiles in the future
  • Maintenance of normal facial appearance and promoting the correct development of the jaw

Teeth Development
A baby’s teeth can spring in any order and doesn’t necessarily follow a pattern. However, mostly central teeth at the bottom are the first to come through. 

Children often have a set of twenty baby teeth by the age of three, but it isn’t applicable to all children as each child may experience teething at different times.