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Different Types of Transplants
Jan 2019

Organ transplantation is one of the noblest and remarkable advancements in the history of medicine so far. It is a life changing experience for both, the donor and the recipient. On one hand the recipient gets an improved quality of life, and on the other hand, the donor can live absolutely in perfect shape with one organless. In fact, research states that one person can donate eight life-saving organs giving people hope, and a healthy life on a lease.

Organ transplantation involves the surgical removal of a healthy organ from the donor’s body and transplanting it into the patient’s body whose organ has either failed or is injured to a non-functionable stage. 

Different Types Of Organ Transplants

Organ transplants include kidney, liver, intestine, lungs, and heart. Although these are the most common and widely done organ transplants, hand and face transplants are also an addition in this noble treatment.

Heart transplant: A heart transplant can help people suffering from congenital heart diseases and valve disorders. It can also reset a life-threatening heart failure, with a survival rate of 70% and above.
Instead of spending several hours in dialysis three or four times a week, a kidney recipient can enjoy a healthier, happier life with a working kidney that lasts an average of 12 years.