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Enhance Your Smile With These Dental Procedures
Dec 2018
Dr Sagar Shah
Cosmetic And Implant Dentist At 32 Reasons

Whether you like it or not, we live in a society that places tremendous emphasis on first impressions. It is generally understood that your smile is one of the first characteristics noticed by others. So with the wedding season nearing, it just makes sense for the to-be-bride and to-be-groom to visit a dentist to get their teeth enhanced, checked and whitened.

The first thing people notice about your smile is if your teeth is chipped, stained or crooked. A smile filled with beautifully aligned pearly whites will make a better impression than one that is poorly aligned. With the advances in modern dental materials and techniques, you can attain the smile you’ve always desired! The colour, contour and alignment of your teeth can be changed by cosmetic techniques such as cosmetic fillings (white fillings), bleaching, composite veneers, tooth whitening, tooth reshaping, invisible braces, quick braces and implants.

Questions To Ask Yourself
So how do you know you need a smile enhancement procedure? Just ask yourself these questions: Do any of my teeth look too long or too short? Does any tooth look too pointed or too flat? Do any of my teeth have a shape I don’t like? Are my teeth crooked, overlapping or protruding? Do I like the colour of my teeth? Do my teeth have stains and discolorations? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ you know what to do!