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Few Steps For A Healthy Heart
Oct 2014
Dr N V Rayudu

In these days of lifts and escalators, stairs are just used as a fire exit and under emergency situations. But in reality, using stairs in daily life can reduce the chances of medical emergency situations such as heart attack and help you maintain a healthy heart.
Everyday activities such as climbing stairs, carrying the groceries and gardening, are good for the heart. Daily household activities such as making beds and cleaning the house, cut down your risk of heart attack by half.

Cardiovascular activity raises the heartbeat and keeps it raised for a quite some time, it is one of the most effective method of keeping fit. When the heart becomes stronger, the heart beat gets stronger, pushing blood through your system more effectively. Your lungs become stronger as your rhythm of breathing improves and helps bring in more oxygen into the body.

Exercise has a twofold effect on the heart. It strengthens the heart muscle and increases the coordination of the fibres that push the blood out of the heart with each beat. This automatically strengthens the heart, the veins and the arteries. A stronger heart gives power to the body so that you can perform any activity with ease.