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Fighting Hypertension
Jul 2015
Dr Jyosthna Krishnappa

Hypertension or high blood pressure also known as a silent killer is a widely prevalent chronic health condition. Hypertension alone or sometimes associated with other medical correlations including obesity, diabetes and elevated cholesterol levels is responsible for a large number of complications plus cardiac events (heart attacks), kidney failure and strokes. The major target organs which get damaged due to long standing uncontrolled hypertension is the heart, kidneys, eyes, brain and the vascular system.

Symptoms of hypertension includes the onset of a headache, a feeling of dizziness or mild unsteadiness while walking, neck pain etc. A large majority of hypertensive patients remain asymptomatic. So, unfortunately, by the time the hypertension or the associated complications are diagnosed, the damage is already done and it may be difficult to reverse the involvement of the affected organs.

Blood pressure is known to gradually increase with age. However, we are now seeing people in their twenties and thirties with high BP rather than presenting symptoms during their forties and fifties which was the picture about one or two decades ago. This shows that there has been definite changes in our way of life over the past 20-40 years which is responsible for the increased prevalence of hypertension.