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Getting Over Dysania
Nov 2018

It’s a usual day but you don’t feel like getting out of bed and going to work. Some people may have trouble getting out of bed to start the day. People who face extreme difficulty in getting out of bed, may have dysania, also known as clinomania. It literally means addiction to bed! But this was not formally recognised as a condition.

Most of us would relate with this condition and would also admit that we too, may have mild dysdania, aswe all face some trouble of getting out of bed every morning! But if you really feel you suffer from dysania, the best thing would be to talk to a doctor for an analysis and possible treatment.

Overcoming Dysania
Get A Good Night’s Sleep: A good night’s sleep is always a priority. Getting enough rest can ensure that you get up feeling more active and energetic. 
Adopt A Sleep-Friendly Diet: Reduce the amount of caffeinated beverages, alcohol and energy packed foods before bedtime or during the day. 
Exercise Regularly: Following an exercise routine regularly boosts the mood and increases the levels of serotonin in the body.
Give Yourself An Incentive: When you have something interesting coming up in your life, you wouldn’t be reluctant to get out of the bed. Remind yourself about the upcoming events that interest you.
Allow More Time To Sleep: If you want to sleep in a little longer, do so. But if your work schedule is strict, then practise sleeping early so that you can get enough sleep.