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Hair Loss In Children
Mar 2014
Dr Arvind Poswal
Hair Transplant Surgeon, New Delhi

What would be your reaction if your son or daughter starts having bald patches on his/her head? It will not at all be a happy sight for parents and would equally be devastating for the child as well. Let us look at some of the common problems and possible treatments for hair loss in children.

While losing hair in any age is upsetting, it could be more than heart wrenching for those who start witnessing hair loss at a very tender age. Generally, hair loss is associated with people on the top of the age pyramid, but seeing children with very thin hair or visible bald patches can be distressing.

How does hair loss impact children?

If children, especially school going ones, experience hair loss or baldness,it can adversely affect them. There is a fair chance that it can expose them to mockery by their friends in school and at home too. While other children might not poke fun intentionally, it is very difficult to explain this to the child who is going through it.