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Homoeopathy For Migraine
Aug 2014
Dr Shivani Lakhtakia
Homoeopathy Consultant, Hyderabad

Dhananjay, while writing his final year medical exams, suddenly started seeing multicoloured spots in front of his eyes, immediately followed by sudden severe throbbing pain in the left side of his head. The pain was so severe that he started banging his head on the table! He vomited twice, which gave him some relief, but the pain persisted. Dhananjay had an attack of migraine.

Excruciating and agonising, disorienting and nightmarish – this is how those who suffer from migraine often describe their condition. It is a complicated biochemical syndrome with genetic factors. Migraine is called ‘benign’ by physicians simply because it is no direct threat to life. This does not mean, however, that the condition is not extremely painful, for it is. It is also exhausting, debilitating, frustrating and life robbing. It is characterised by severe head-pain, accompanied by nausea and weakness.

The average migraine attack comes one to three times per month. The pain is often localised to one side of the head. An attack may last from four to seventy-two hours.